Top 5 Types of Plastic Surgery for Modern Men

Misconceptions still exist about who gets plastic surgery and why. Of the millions of people who go under the knife each year to alter their appearance, an ever-increasing number of them are men. Whether it is a desire for more self-confidence or sexual allure that drives them to these procedures, they are now seeing different types of plastic surgeries as ideal options.

With the help of top plastic surgeons, men are gaining more comfort with their own bodies, renewing confidence they had in their youth, and overcoming negative aspects of their body that leave them feeling uncomfortable or unsatisfied.

The Top Five Types of Plastic Surgery for Men

1 – Liposuction

Although this procedure is essentially removing fat from the body, it is not an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise. However, even after hitting the gym and avoiding high-calorie snacks, many men have pockets of stubborn fat that make all their hard work seem for naught.

Liposuction can spot reduce the waistline, hips, and rear, and get rid of stubborn belly fat that is the hallmark of the “dad bod.”

2 – Gynecomastia or Breast Tissue Removal

Excess fat or breast tissue gives many men a hard time. More than a round belly, a flabby chest creates even greater levels of self-consciousness. This plastic surgery type is often done on older teens who do not like the way their body is developing as well as older men who are losing their youthful physique.

3 – Rhinoplasty or Nose Jobs

One of the most common plastic surgeries for anyone including men, the rhinoplasty or nose job can make considerable improvements to your overall appearance and levels of self-confidence. These procedures are often combined with chin augmentation in order to maintain the proper balance of the man’s face.

4 – Chin and Neck Lifts

A popular saying states that women get old and men get more distinguished, but a sagging chin, neck, and jawline would make anyone look older. Many men seek to create the ideal strong chin or chiseled jaw look in order to look stronger and more masculine. If a simple lift does not create enough of a change, the male plastic surgery patient can opt for implants instead.

5 – Implants and Etching

Instead of removing excess fat or skin, some men are opting to get implants and what is now called abdominal etching. Like to women’s breast implants, similar materials are used for men’s pectoral muscles, calves or thighs, and belly. With increasing frequency, that stores that are removed during liposuction are reused to plump up other areas instead. Trained plastic surgeons can give men the toned physique they have always wanted even down to six pack abs.

As more men become cosmetic surgery patients, more procedures and techniques will be developed to meet their unique needs and desires. Additional resources are available at the Plastic Surgery Info website.

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