Understanding the Differences Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Homes

Even though some people use the terms assisted living facility and nursing home interchangeably when talking about long term care, these two facilities are actually quite different. Below, we will outline the definitions of these terms, and we’ll also offer up the benefits and disadvantages of each type of living facility.

Nursing Homes and Their Pros and Cons

First, let’s talk about nursing home residences. These are also called retirement homes. Residences like these offer the most care for residents.

For example, all residents will get help with daily living activities, personal care, cleaning and housekeeping, laundry and meals. Most of the time, residents will have their own private rooms, but sometimes, there are shared rooms. Generally speaking, common areas are available for everyone, and there are often activities going on all day that residents can participate in.

Required daily medical care is usually a part of living in a nursing home, and nurses and staff will take care of things like medications and regular checkups. Doctors may visit the facilities for checkups and health help as well.

Assisted Living Homes and Their Pros and Cons

What makes assisted living facilities different from nursing homes is the level of independence. There is generally more independence for residents at assisted facilities than there is at retirement homes.

Often, daily living help is available to residents. For example, nurses or staff members may come in to help residents with personal care, but for the most part, the level of help that residents get is up to the individual residents. For example, residents may choose to make their own meals and schedule their own days if they like. For more info, visit the resources at Sienna Living.

For the most part, each individual will have a different level of help from the staff. With that being said, some things are usually done for residents by the staff. For example, housekeeping may be a part of the payment plan. Transportation may be provided for residents as well.

Assisted life homes are more for those individuals who need help with some daily activities but don’t want to give up all of their independence. It is important that resident at these facilities can walk by themselves but are receptive to assistance when it is necessary.

Making Your Final Choice

It can definitely be difficult to make a final decision when it comes to choosing between assisted living homes and nursing homes. Above, you’ve been able to see the main differences between these types of living facilities and to see the pros and cons of both. Now, the choice is yours. Make sure to take the necessary time and energy required to make this big choice so that you can be happy with the facility that you ultimately choose.

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